Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

How can I Register for the Course?

To register for the courses, please download the registration form and submit the completed form via email to :

Alternatively you can send the completed registration form by post to KIBS at: G.P.O. Box 3157, Dev Doka, Ward No 2, Kirtipur, Kathmandu, Nepal

Can you Inform me about the Upcoming Courses and Programs?

To be informed on KIBS courses, you can join our mailing list by sending us an email

Can I reserve a place on the course Provisionally and Confirm later?

You can do so but priority will be given to those who confirm attending.

Will I be able to get my Deposit / Payment back?

(if I decided to cancel my application or withdraw before the end of the course)

Should you decide to withdraw from the course for any reasons, notice of withdrawal must be given in writing, either by email or post. Please note that we are unable to give any cash refund for such cancellations. However, if we receive the notice of cancellation at least 2 weeks before the commencement of the course, you can use the amount paid to off-set any fees due for future courses taken at KIBS. Requests for withdrawals and refunds will be treated on a case-by-case basis, and be subjected to approval by the Institute.

Is it possible for me to Apply for an Advanced Placement?

(If I have already studied some of the course subjects before)

To know if you are eligible for advanced placement, please contact the Institute by email at

Do I have to know some Tibetan before joining the Program?

No, it is not necessary to know Tibetan before joining the program. Nevertheless, prior knowledge of some Tibetan language would be helpful in many ways.

Can I attend the program for just Part of the Semester?

Can I attend just some of the classes, e.g. just a language class?

What would the tuition fees be?

Students may join the program at any time for a minimum of one month, or just some of the classes. Please contact the Institute for the details.

What kind of Visas do I Need?

Please refer to the Visa Requirements of the Practical Information section of our website, for a detailed explanation of visa eligibility. Please contact us at if you need additional information regarding visa regulations.

If I Need Help to Get to the Institute?

(Can I request for someone to meet me at the airport to take me to the Institute?)

Yes. We can arrange for someone to meet you at the airport if you inform the administration prior to arrival. Please send an e-mail to at least 2 weeks in advance.

Will there be an Orientation for the Students?

Yes, there will be a one week orientation for the students at the Institute before the start of the first semester. All students are encouraged to attend the orientation.

What is the Accommodation like at the Institute?

Rooms are double-occupancy with private bathrooms. Accommodation will be allocated according to registration number and availability. Occupancy of rooms is single sex except for married couples. Bedding (pillows, mattresses, blanket and bed sheet) will be provided, but please bring a sleeping bag to keep warm during cold weather.

If I am Coming from Overseas, What do I need to Bring with Me?

Most of the general personal items for daily use can be bought from nearby town (Narya Bazaar located 15 min walking distance from institute). Students can also do their shopping in some shopping area in Kathmandu. However, if you are only using products of certain brands or products which are not of widespread use, you are advised to bring your own supplies.

It is good to bring your own personal prayer text that you use for your daily prayers. However, other prayers items like offering cups, incense etc for daily personal practice are easily available from the shops in Boudhanath. You may check with the Institute administration for more details.

For students who are attending courses in Winter, it is good to bring along some warm clothes (and sleeping bags if you have one) although you can also get warm winter clothing at reasonable price in Kathmandu.

What Shots / Vaccinations do I Need?

Please refer to the Health and Medical Issues of the Practical Information section of our website.

I am taking Prescription Medicines. Will I be able to get them in Nepal?

Please refer to the Health and Medical Issues of the Practical Information section of our website.

How can my Family / Friends Contact Me?

(After I arrive in Kirtipur, how will I be able to contact my family/friends? Are there internet services available? Can I use the Institute's P.O. box for personal mail?)

Basically, phone and internet services are readily available in the Institute and Kathmandu. Please refer to the communication page of the practical info section of our website for more information. Individuals can have mail sent to the P.O. Box listed on the contact page. However the mail service in Nepal is very unreliable and the institute is not liable for any lost items.