Student Testimonials

Juliana Klinkertv (Colombia)

Courses attended : Jewel Ornament of Liberation and Madhyamika Avatara - February 2008

Juliana Klinkertv - Student

My understanding of the Dharma improved tremendously and I feel that I have improved more studying here than my last 8 years of practice.

Everything was very good but specially Khenpo Ramesh and Lama Samten. Because through their skilful means, difficult subjects that are difficult to understand are easily brought across for our clear understanding.

Juliana and Jesper in Milerepa's Cave

Jesper (Sweden)

Courses attended : Ornament of Liberation and Madhyamika Avatara - February 2008

I learned a lot during my stay in KIBS. If you are hungry for dharma, this is the place for your satisfaction. Rinpoche and Khenpo gave excellent teachings! Food and accommodation was excellent too! A beautiful and peaceful enviourment good for practice.

Jesper and class

Juliana (in white) and Jesper (in yellow) with their class and Khenpo Acharya Ramesh.

Calvin, Jesper, Lynette and Jimmy

Calvin, Jesper, Lynette and Jimmy.

Erin Lee (Malaysia)

Courses attended : Stages of Meditation - 18-24 October 2007

Erin Lee - Student

My understanding of shamatha and vipasyana has increased. Khenpo made it easy to learn about meditation and in the correct way.

KIBS is an ideal place to study Buddhist philosophies and Tibetan language because of its location in a quiet and serene place and we have a high learned Khenpo who's able to teach the Dharma in a practical and easily understood ways.

Erin with classmates and teachers

Erin with classmates and teachers.

Craig Meulen (England / Germany)

Courses attended : Long Course 2007 - 2008

Everything is just the way I wanted it to be: I have lots of time for meditation, a relaxed schedule and nice people in the group. The teacher is both funny and wise, the food is good, the rooms are fine (although a bit cold), and the location is wonderful. The institute is on top of a hill overlooking the capital, Kathmandu. From my room I look north across the city to the small mountains at the top of the valley, and behind them I can see the snow-capped peaks of the Himalaya.

There is good balance of teaching, practice and excursions to holy places for the students. A friendly and relaxed atmosphere with a good opportunity to find your own balance of theory and practice.

Yuriy Orel

Courses attended : The Lamp of Enlightment and The Aspiration Prayer of Mahamudra - 2008

Yuriy Orel - Student

I found KIBS really very good place for every Dharma practitioner. It is an excellent place for retreat and study. Over here we have precious and great teacher and practitioner.

During my short stay in KIBS, I benefitted greatly in my study and practice of the Dharma. I had the rare opportunity to obtain personal guidance and clear instructions from Khenpo on related Dharma subject as well as proper meditation techniques.

Students who came here stayed as a big family and I treasured the opportunity to learn and share the Dharma from all who came for the courses.

Course attended : The Seven Points of Mind Training - 2006

I came here from Ukraine, more than 5000km away, in order to accumulate Dharma teaching. I feel very deeply that it is my way. On the way to Kathmandu I felt strong conviction that these teachings must be very important to me. However, all that I had learnt went over all my expectations. These are really precious teachings that can be applied in our daily life. The calm and well-wishing atmosphere in the Institute help us become as comfortable as we can.

I am really very grateful to Venerable Shangpa Rinpoche. Because of his activity' this outstanding Institute arises and we are able to study Dharma teachings within this Institute. My exceptional thanks, respect and gratitude to dearest Khenpo Ramesh. He is a teacher who truly gives teachings not by words but by heart.

I am grateful for all Dharma sisters and brothers for their help and warm attitude during my stay. Many thanks to our administrator for his help who did his best to make us feel comfortable during our stay at KIBS.

Andre and Natasha

Course attended : Certificate in Buddhist Studies - 2005/06

Our experiences have been very positive and it is hard to find criticism.

Andre and Natasha

Going through Gampopa's Jewel Ornament proved to be a profound and necessary basis. It was a good thing to have shorter courses woven into the program.

First of all because it is good to have a variety of teachings and second it was nice with a change every now and then. This goes also for the the special events (like the Kagyu Monlam, the lungs given by Sherab Gyaltsen Rinpoche, as well as the celebration of the one-year anniversary).

Although the teachings or the stay in general never got boring, the changes in the program once in a while were appreciated. The evening classes were fine and it was great to meditate together. The Lotus Cafe was an important meeting point during the breaks, as well as the internet cafe. It is these facilities that give KIBS such a rounded feeling where everything is at hand that one basically needs.

The one thing that really is outstanding, besides all the things that we mentioned before, is the strong feeling I got of being a family while we were in KIBS.

Though we will not be able to do so this coming year due to my other commitments, we do however want to come again and plan to come again and continue the program.

All the best and wishing we will soon be able to meet again!

Andre and Natasha

Copenhagen, Denmark

Tan Tiong Hai, Ong K.C, Tan Liang Xian, Ong Kok Hong and Ong Jian Bo

Course attended : The Seven Points of Mind Training - 2006

During our stay in the Institute, we were very much well taken care of by so many beautiful people. We wish to extend our appreciation to Shangpa Rinpoche for providing such a wonderful and peaceful environment with comfort. We also wish to thank Khenpo Ramesh and Lama Samten for all the Supreme Dharma teaching.

Special thanks also to Chief Cook Mr. Harke and his assistants who prepared for us his creative and delicious foods daily. Last but not least, thanks for all the beautiful smiles from Anis and friends. All of you have made our stay here an unforgettable one.

Thuk Je Che

Malik Hermansen

Course attended : Namshe Yeshe - January 2005

First of all, I like to express my sincere gratitude to the Ven. Shangpa Rinpoche. In completing his vision in Kirtipur he have made a great contribution for the future of this precious lineage, the Karma Kagyu tradition.

Malik Hermansen - Student

After my personal experiences at KIBS, during the one month course in January 2005, I feel certain that this place will lead many sentient beings towards the ultimate goal, the enlightened stage. I'm sincerely recommending this place.

Khenpo Ramesh, the kind master of wisdom, is constantly making the greatest effort in guiding his students out of the darkness of samsara. Khenpo's vast knowledge and his history is self proven. I feel great happiness to have shared much time with Khenpo Ramesh, thereby being able to receive his profound teachings.

Sometimes I think it is a shame that Khenpo is not teaching direct in English.

I feel that the evening meditation class is of most importance, since it creates the direct link between studying and practice.

Shangpa Rinpoche gave a few days dharma teachings, which all students greatly enjoyed. I really hope that Rinpoche will continue to do even much more of this at KIBS. Thank you!

In January the course was held with 6 days a week program. For the long term program, I suggest KIBS to consider if this should be reduced to a 5 days schedule.

Also I hope that KIBS in the future will set up courses of different schedule, such as short programs for 1 or 2 weeks. I think many Kagyu followers from various parts of our samsaric world could have possibility and interest in this.

I know that Rangjung Yeshe Institute under Chokyi Niema Rinpoche have made some co-operation arrangements with university's in Europe / US, which are benefiting there students at RYI in Boudhanath.

Amit Ratna Shakya

Course attended : The Seven Points of Mind Training - 2006

Food and lodging is excellent. Khenpo will teach you to balance the light and heavy side of the Buddha dharma. It's totally worth it to give it a try. And by the way, the rest of the staff and other students are hilarious.


Course attended : Namshe Yeshe - January 2005

This important teaching is quite deep and can be difficult to grasp. However, thanks to Khenpo's special, skilful style of teaching, he makes this most profound teaching accessible and understandable for students of all levels.

Khenpo is committed to teaching the root text, clarifying it with teachings and quotations from many different sutras and commentaries by various great masters. He also includes teachings on the Vajra Songs of Milarepa that are related to the topic being discussed. Khenpo said, "My duty is to share my knowledge with everyone here, and to present the teaching for your clear understanding."

Because listening (to the Teaching of the Dharma), contemplation and meditation are three extremely important practices for a practitioner, all three aspects are emphasized in the course here.

The daily timetable starts at 9am with 2 sessions of teaching on the main text, followed by Tibetan and Sanskrit lessons in the evening.

One cannot gain a direct understanding and taste of the Dharma without meditating, thus an important aspect of the course is meditation. The practice of meditation helps make our mind sharp and more and more subtle; it is only with a subtle and sharp mind that one can penetrate, understand and realize the Dharma, the development of wisdom which leads towards liberation from Samsara and enlightenment. We have a meditation session daily; the day doesn't end until after the evening meditation session at around 8:30pm.

It's great to see everyone happily dwelling in the Dharma: listening, reflecting on the teachings, as well as meditating together in the evening meditation session. Time just passes by so quickly.

I really enjoy the meditation session; it enables me to silence, relax and sharpen my mind. The instructions on meditation are quite direct and are good reminders. The teachings based on stories related to the life of Buddha encourage our mind to relax after a long day of serious sessions.

We are also very fortunate that we have an excellent Khenpo, Khenpo Ramesh and two very good translators: Tony Duff and Pamela White. Khenpo-la not only teaches the theoretical aspect of the text, but also the practical aspect of the path.

Anonymous Student

Course attended : Namshe Yeshe - January 2005

The teachings are very good; in just one week, I learnt as much as in one month elsewhere. Not only that, the place is truly conducive to learning. I really enjoy being here - and the food is excellent!

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